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Finally, cutting boards! Seriously, I sort of love making cutting boards, even more when they are for friends. This stack of cutting boards is for a friend mine and I was able to use my laser engraver to burn his logo into the back of the boards along with my logo. Also, for the first time ever, I made a video of the process rather than a collection of pictures. Being my first video of this type it’s okay by my standards, pretty bad by current Youtuber Maker standards. 

When I went out to the sawmill to collect some wood for this project I was surprised to see that the candy store shelves were a little sparse. As in, almost no good, flat, wood to be had. So I gathered up the best of what they had and started sorting out how to make these. 

I ended up with 4 types of wood in each cutting board. Walnut, Sassafras, Cherry, and Curly Maple. There were some small defects in the pieces that required a little more creative building than we normally have in a simple cutting board, but I’m very happy to see how they turned out, even after spending almost as much time trying to set up camera shots as I spent actually making these. 

If you like these cutting boards, and want some of your own, reach out to me here or on Facebook and I will be thrilled to make one, or a dozen, of them for you. And if you are looking for something to use as a giveaway, like house warming gifts for real estate agents, let me know, I have a special program just for you where I can engrave your logo on them for you. Besides, a custom cutting board is probably going to be more memorable to your customer than a fruit basket will be.