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I was a huge model builder growing up. A lot of us 70s/80s kids were. But as I got older I had less time for the hobby and eventually put everything in boxes when we started moving around the country. And this did not help my models survive since they were mostly just tossed loose in a box and forgotten. this summer I decided it was time to renew my hobby and start fixing my favorite, but neglected, models. 

This brings me to my VF-1S Veritech transformable mecha model from the Macross Saga (Robotech for some of you). I’m pretty sure I built this in my spare time when we had the comic book shop all those many years ago. Age, improper storage, and multiple extreme heat cycles from being stored in the garage/shop left it in pieces when it was finally dropped and exploded. The loose pieces were tossed into a box, along with some mud wasps apparently, and the model was forgotten. 

Until now. I pieced it back together as best I could. Left the weather paint alone for nostalgia reasons. and it now rests in place on top of my cigar humidor. I love it, and I’m excited to start building models again. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be able to start shooting videos of the assembly process.