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About Me

Corvette key chain and ringI started out as a ‘maker’ long before that was even a word that was used. I don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t building something, models, electronics, cars, anything that needed to be made was what I spent time learning to make. Growing up as an artist with a bit of a knack for design it made sense to go to college and get a degree. At first I started in aerospace engineering, but settled into a love for architecture when I got my degree in that subject from the University of New Mexico.

From there I began working online, writing video games and eventually fell into jewelry design and making. I placed well in several design competitions and completely enjoyed being a jeweler. But like a lot of career paths, it didn’t last as long as I would have liked and I moved on to other things.

Over the years I’ve continued to dabble in building and making things and that eventually led to building a house and farm with my wife. Once we finished ‘most’ of that I decided that my next career would be as a ‘maker’ for real. That led to woodworking.

Hard Maple CountertopOver the last few years I’ve stepped up my woodworking game and migrated from things that don’t fall down to things that don’t fall down and look good. I have been mostly focusing on tables and display cabinets, recently, but am always building new things just to learn new joinery techniques or to play with new materials.

But, along with this, as you may have seen here on Alchemy Skunkworks, I am also experimenting with other types of creative outlets. I’m building models, teaching myself new airbrush techniques, getting back into clock and watch repair and ‘making’, and about to start on my first frame off restoration project, a 1965 C10 pickup.

I hope that you enjoy some of the things that you see here as you browse my website, and if you think that there is a project that I can help you create, let me know! I’m in West Tennessee and can easily deliver anywhere from Nashville to Memphis.

Steve –