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Meteor Havok Screen Shot.

Meteor Havok 1 Is Officially Launched!


Download Now on Steam: Meteor Havok. It’s Free!

Meteor Havok is an asteroids clone / tribute game created here at Alchemy Skunkworks. As with most shooter games of this style, you control a ship and fly around destroying asteroids, other ships, and various other things.

Game Features:

  • 6 levels
  • 2 Keyboard control options
  • X-Box controller support
  • Steadily increasing difficulty level



I wrote my last game in 1984. I think that it was an asteroids game as well. Between than and now adulting got in the way until December 2023 when I decided that enough waiting had happened and it was time to start programming for fun again. With that in mind I started working on my first ugly game to start re-learning how to create a game. This is that ugly game, Meteor Havok 1.

Taking what I’ve learned here I have already started work on Meteor Havok 2! MH2 will have more features, more levels, more fun, and more help as my friend Louis joins the team.

Join my on Facebook or on Steam to stay up to date with the progress on MH2.

Current Release: 1.4.3
Last Updated: 4/18/2024